On Monday May 15, 2017, the clergy of St. David’s met with Nathan Stang to discuss the reconciliation and restitution process. Mr. Stang has accepted St. David’s offer to embark on the journey to restore the fractured relationships caused by his actions in November 2016.

Mr. Stang is incredibly grateful for the possibility of re-employment but at this time does not believe it is the right path forward for him.

It is with great hope that St. David’s joins Mr. Stang in the reconciliation process in an effort to overcome the grief, pain and anger experienced over the past 6 months.

St. David’s believes in God’s love and forgiveness for all people. We hope God’s message shines forth during this entire process.

In November 2016 St. David’s Episcopal Church in Brown County, Indiana was vandalized with hateful graffiti.  Recently, we learned that our choir director and organist, Nathan Stang, confessed to the vandalism.  On May 12, 2017, Mr. Stang’s employment was terminated.  After discussions with church leadership and congregational members, our church community has offered Mr. Stang a path to reconciliation and possible future re-employment.

Following discovery of the graffiti, we proclaimed a message of love and forgiveness. This message is at the core of what it means to be a follower of Jesus, and we did not want that message to be empty talk. The past six months have been transformative for the members of St. David’s and, we hope, for the community as well.

We at St. David’s understand that we were not the only victims of Mr. Stang’s actions. Supporters of President Trump, those who are Jewish or have ties to the Jewish community, and those in the gay community all were hurt. We hope that in time forgiveness and reconciliation can be reached by all sides.  We will continue to offer the love of God to all people regardless of where you come from, what you believe, what color you are or who you love.

Despite the gift of forgiveness, we also understand that there is a need for reconciliation and restitution in this situation, both with St. David’s and with the larger community. Reconciliation refers to the restoration of a fractured relationship by overcoming grief, pain and anger. As Christians we are called to live in community with one another; to air our sins and ask for forgiveness.

We hope and pray that Mr. Stang will accept our offer and embark on this journey with us, which will include counseling, meetings, community service, and a variety of opportunities for Mr. Stang to reconcile with our church community.

Whatever the future holds for St. David’s and Mr. Stang, our goal is to continue to spread the Gospel message of unconditional love. Jesus Christ came to save us all, and all are deserving of love!

Welcome to Saint David’s!

Imagine a church that takes time every Sunday to talk together about how to serve others.

… a church that will love you unconditionally, no matter who you are,
… a church with a euchre game that’s been running for thirty years,
… a church with a Farmers’ Market every Summer,
….a church where everybody knows your child’s name,
….a church full of people who’ll pull over to help a box turtle cross the road…

What makes St. David’s Different…

People wanted me to be here. St. David’s is an eclectic bunch of people from all over, with interesting, creative backgrounds. People get art and music. There’s a commitment that is part of life, truth and beauty.

Mark Rainey

St. David’s is more independent than most Episcopal churches. It welcomes a mix of backgrounds and encourages different perspectives. No one tells you what to believe. It’s a place where you’re encouraged to explore.

People are authentically living their faith. The community mission  – a vehicle for giving  –  expresses charity in the broadest sense. St. David’s offers avenues for applying time and talent.

Ed Kacena