Chapel Garden Committee

St. David’s Chapel Garden is a large sacred space directly behind the church set aside for worship, meditation, reflection, and for the scattering of ashes.  The garden is a decades-long dream that is growing into reality in 2016, led by the Chapel Garden Committee with the advice and support of all our members.

In this sacred space is located a worship center with an altar built in the Tree of Life image, located in the center of a large circle patio with bench seating surrounding the altar, and connected to the church by a walkway.  Plans for walking paths around the garden are in development with areas to scatter cremains in the garden and at the altar itself.

We call the altar area our Commonbarium because the choice is available to have cremains interred from the center of the altar through the trunk of the Tree of Life.  The ashes flow into a common vault under the patio open to the earth where remains of the faithful will be together as our worshiping community has always been together in ministry at St. David’s.

The Chapel Garden Committee oversees the Commonbarium construction, taking place in the summer and early fall of 2016.   Dedication and consecration by Bishop Waynick will be on All Saints Day, November 1.  Construction was made possible by donations from the parish fund drive of 2016 and other gifts over the years in a capital campaign fund and a fund to create a permanent area for cremains.  The remaining work on the garden walkways and landscaping will continue, supported by volunteers from the parish and beyond.

Major work of the committee to form the Chapel Garden ministry is ongoing in three areas.  The first is the design of the garden itself as a worship center at times other than funerals, and it also will provide for everything necessary to honor the life and memories of loved ones.  Second is providing the congregation with everything necessary to prepare for the end of life by fulfilling the Church’s role as a spiritual advisor and friend.  We have prepared a Caring Booklet that is a very complete guide to helping all be familiar with steps that can easily be taken.   We look at theology and history, along with decisions about wills, living wills, final expenses, records, and planning of memorial celebrations or funeral services.  Third is planning for the financing and administration of the Chapel Garden ministry, including ongoing care of the garden, memorial plaques, fees, eligibility, funeral arrangements, gifts to the garden, and maintaining permanent records, legal titles and Indiana law, communication, and website development.

The Chapel Garden Committee always invites new members to assist in our work and learn more about the garden.


Finance Committee

Nothing happens at St. David’s without using resources.  Those resources always require people’s time and knowledge but money is frequently required.  Providing that money is the focus of the Finance Committee.

It starts with developing a dream budget for the next year, organizing a pledge drive to raise the necessary funds, and then the difficult task of reconciling the dreams of the budget with the realities of the pledges.  That practical, reconciled, budget is then presented to the Vestry for their discussion and approval.  This budget should reflect the church’s priorities, Matthew 6:21, “For were your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

During the year the Finance Committee tracks spending versus the budget, monitors the assets, and advises the Treasurer, and keeps the importance of stewardship in front of the congregation.


Building & Grounds Committee

Buildings and Grounds Committee oversees its property and maintains and monitors the upkeep of the church buildings.Repairing and improving  are an ongoing process.


Evangelism & Marketing Committee

Evangelism to our community is a commandment from Jesus.  “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.  And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”Matthew 28:19,20

Evangelism demonstrates our love of God to our neighbors.  Examples of this love will evangelize to the community around us.   As we honor our baptismal covenant, we agree to demonstrate the goodness of our faith to others and encourage them to become involved in our work and learn about the love of God.

Our Baptismal Covenant includes this question, “Will you strive for justice and peace among all people and respect the dignity of every human being?”

Your Evangelism Committee hosts many events each year including,

  • Spring Blossom Parade float
  • Halloween party for the Brown County community
  • Christmas Service
  • Easter Service
  • Blessing of the Animals
  • David’s Day (March 1) and Maple Festival (St. David’s Day)

Other events:

  1. Bean Blossom Music Series
  2. Spring Blossom Parade
  3. Christmas Parade
  4. Biker Fest
  5. Halloween Party

Additionally, the committee helped create a St. David’s logo for website, stationary, name recognition, etc.


Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee, appointed by the Vestry, consults with and advises the Priest and/or Senior Warden regarding all matters pertaining to paid positions and staff of the Church.

These responsibilities include:

–          Developing an overall staffing plan for the church;

–          Developing position and persons descriptions for positions approved by the Vestry;

–          Recommending terms of employment, including compensation, for each approved position;

–          Advertising vacant positions and seeking qualified candidates;

–          Reviewing applications from interested candidates;

–          Interviewing potential candidates;

–          Recommending candidates to be hired;

–          Conducting performance reviews at least annually;

–          Recommending changes to position descriptions and terms of employment;

–          Seeking to resolve conflicts between staff persons or between a staff person and the congregation;

–          Serving as the final arbiter when such conflict resolution has failed.